Embodied creativity. Empowered community. Impactful storytelling.

Direct Motion Creative Collective offers dance lessons and choreography, live variety entertainment, tarot & astrology readings, and creative & strategic communications consulting services.

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Photo of Mack Mercury by Elizabeth Rajchart
Photo by Elizabeth Rajchart


About the Founder

Mack Mercury (they/he) comes from an educational and professional background in marketing, public relations, and graphic design, but their biggest passions are for community building, storytelling, and the creative & performing arts.

Mack's love for the stage can be traced back to their first dance class in 1997. They went on to teach dance for the first time in 2006, perform tap dancing comedy draglesque for the first time in 2017, and serve as King of Pride St. Louis 2019. Mack opened Direct Motion in January 2023 on a mission to connect with the healing potential of embodied creativity and share it with their community.